Porcelain & Ceramic Tiles

Almost Limitless Designs, Colors, and Sizes To Choose From

Quality tile installation can last for years and give you a terrific color base around which to build your home. For the best product options and a full spectrum of the products available for your unique tile needs, contact the Ceramic Tile Store Rockwall and take an "idea walk" through the showroom so you can consider all the possibilities.

Ceramic Tile


Ceramic tiles are a great addition to walls, floors, and countertops or breakfast bars. When making your ceramic selection, be sure to let our associate with Ceramic Tiles Rockwall know the traffic requirements in the space you're planning to tile, what your grout preferences are and the subfloor material.

Choosing the correct size for your tile is critical; in a small space, large tile can look off- balance because the seams line up well in one spot but not in another. On the other hand, in a large space, a tile that's too small can look overly busy. No matter what size tile you choose, be aware that grout color is critical and that your file size will have a strong impact on how much grout color is visible.

Porcelain Tile


While clay is one of the primary materials in ceramic tile, porcelain tiles are made a much finer porcelain clay and fired at a much higher temperature. Porcelain tires are therefore much harder and are much less stain resistant than ceramic tiles. While porcelain tiles are much more durable than ceramic, they can be slippery, depending on the glaze you choose.

The experts with Porcelain Tiles Rockwall are happy to help you choose a tile that will add timeless beauty to their home. Depending on your goals for the project, if you're planning a DIY tile project, be absolutely certain that your tile saw blade can tolerate porcelain tile as it's much harder than ceramic. If you're building new or working with a contractor, Porcelain Tiles Rockwall is happy to work with your contractor for the safest handling of these very durable tiles.




Nearly all tiles have some sort of glaze on them; a coating of gloss or matte finish to protect the color and create a uniform look. While there are few do's and don'ts when choosing and laying down tile, one of the critical restrictions is that you should NEVER put a gloss tile on the floor. Should this surface get wet, the footing would become very treacherous. The professionals at Ceramic Tiles Rockwall can help you select the best tile for the most logical application.

You can get a unique look with the right glaze and create a one of a kind tile structure. Contact Ceramic Tile Store Rockwall for the chance to select just the right shade and finish.

Selecting the materials for a new home or a major renovation can be distressing and confusing. However, this is your space and you should get to view all the options, make selections that speak to you and complete your dream projects. With the help of the qualified experts at Del Piso Tile and Stone, you can get exactly the look you want with expert advice on putting it all together.

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