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Del Piso Tile is owned and operated locally, and provides solutions for all your kitchen and bathroom remodeling needs.


We have a wealth of experience in the tile industry, and that helps us in quickly finding the best tiles for your home. At Del Piso, they offer all the surfaces that Arizona Tile provides for their clients.


Del Piso Tile ensures you get extraordinary surfaces that Arizona Tile proudly offers in relationship with select quarries and suppliers. They offer a vast selection of quartz, granite, slate, onyx, limestone, slate and travertine. In addition to that, there is also a provision of striking glass and porcelain tile that you will not find anywhere else.


Through many years of experience in the world market, Arizona Tile has been able to select Del Piso Tile as one of its top suppliers to work with. In addition to that, Del Piso adheres to the quality standards and ethics of Arizona Tiles.


All the products from Arizona Tiles that are sold at Del Piso pass through a thorough inspection process before being shipped into the showroom, and ultimately to customers.


Every product undergoes a rigid and quality control process that is inclusive of both human and automated inspection, therefore, making use of the most advanced technology that is available in today's market.


Arizona Tiles, through Del Piso, ensures there is an unparalleled breadth of inventory stocked to allow the provision of exceptional service to clients. Builders and designers always entrust their customers to Del Piso. The essence of Del Piso Tile is to create a satisfactory experience for clients by taking them through the Arizona Tile products selection process to obtain what is best for their homes.


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